We Connect Businesses, Organizations, Families & Entire Communities
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so in BAD TIMES, everyone has tools and connections to recover fast.


  Connection, Collaboration & Commitment Create Community

  • It's as small as a family, a single business, or a single organization.
  • It's as as large as a city.

When communities are connected and have appropriate tools, they become a powerful force that creates prosperity in good times and resiliency in bad.

Yes2Connect gives YOUR community tools and a communication system to strengthen connections and collaboration within YOUR community - however you define it.

Business Demo Family/Employee Demo

Connect local organizations, members, businesses, families, employees, and/or officials

with Tools so they can strengthen their resiliency and support each other in good times and bad.



Incorporates support & resiliency recommendations from:

National League of Cities Big Ideas for Small Businesses

FEMA Whole Community Disaster Preparation/Recovery

IEDC (Intl Economic Development Council) & ACCE Chamber of Commerce Executives


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